I am so angry about this situation!!!

Help me get this out!

Give a Dam

In Our Own Quiet Way has an initiative to build 1000 dams in Kenya within the next 10 years. These are small retention basins that will keep rain water from running into the Indian Ocean, and will provide a source of clean water for local villagers. Feel free to post this widget on your own website, and help us Give a Dam!

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I LOVE MY JOB! This is a teaser for our video blogging that will highlight our work in Kenya, Detroit, parts of Appalachia and other areas of the world to be determined! For more information about Quiet Way, visit our Facebook page here, become a fan and then check out our website here.

Thanks BluFrog Video!

New Me!

I have shifted. And I am getting a lot. Like "getting it". I stay awake at night mulling over new realizations (like life is based on a foundation of relationships, and if we build solid relationships, we get a solid life -- solid in my world meaning easy, joyful, fun.)

Two weeks ago (and for most of my life before then), I was very self-sacrificing, thinking I was being a 'giver'. Now, I realize the folly of that thinking, and I am moving into being self-serving, while still creating a win-win-win. In a nutshell, I've remembered that I get to win too. Every time. Mmmmmm... warm, juicy tingles up my spine and jaw.

Lastly (for now), I see the fulfillment and ease of letting other people's 'stuff' be theirs. I can't fix anybody's problems for them. I can love them, I can support them, and I can walk away and let their chips fall where they may. My 'Savior' persona has found a new job, and is there with a loving hug, and giggly snuggles, AND unwilling to bear anyone else's burdens. Yep. That's DAMNED cool! And I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Ready to play!

And I'm going to Kenya on Monday. YIPPPEEE!!!

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